Nicolle St. Cyr

Nicolle St. Cyr
BFA Printmaking/Minor in Art History

Untitled (Light Study)
Intaglio Type
6" x 6"

Film has a lasting influence on my artistic process. The concept that you can convince people you are not yourself, but a character in a dramatic story excites me. Within this world you are able to transform into a different person for a few hours and completely trick the viewer. Although they make use of props such as costumes, sets, and lighting to give life to their stories, I will only be borrowing lighting and facial expression. These two factors, I believe, are the essence of character creation. In contrast to films which have many scenes, the drawings will each only capture a single frame of the story. These stills from a greater narrative will be the images I use to make the viewer believe I am playing a role.

The final products are drawings on glass as the drawings themselves are three steps removed from reality, the first step being life, the second being the photograph. The drawing is an illusion that parallels that of the character. Glass as a medium makes reference to the cinematic lenses used in film.  

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Nicolle St. Cyr