Julio E. Berroa

Julio E. Berroa
BFA Digital Media Design

Digital 3D

The world is going through mental, societal, and visual changes. The artworld is not to be set apart from this idea. Technological advances have taken the art world by a storm.

The Term ‘New Age (Art) Movement’ (NA(A)M) is futuristic.

It describes an ever-changing modern art movement that has inspired culture since it’s birth in Western Nations during the 1970s.

NA(A)M is represented in METACHROMATIC by what I believe will scare traditionalists. I approach each piece by constantly creating new ways of expression throughout the process. I want my work to inspire and ignite conversations about the viewer’s thoughts and feelings.

In a constantly changing and unique virtual-world, intensely creative, intensely rebellious, intensely passionate, I believe and celebrate individuality and creativity. This blend between the artificial, and the natural, delicate, and intricately detailed. Bold and dynamic will inevitably prompt someone to ask, “do you make traditional art?”

What does ‘Traditional Art’ mean?

METACHROMATIC begins as an ode to industry. Objects revolve around and exist with one another in variety. These objects exist in hyperreal and immersive scenes of intense experiences in flashing color schemes. Organic shapes and textures depicting very crazed moments are centered around this intersection.

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Julio E. Berroa